Our pharmacy can give you access to a variety of CBD products.

liquid bottle trio

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that offers a variety of medical benefits. Using CBD products can help treat anxiety, migraines, joint pain, and more. CBD can also support digestion. Since Osceola Pharmacy recognizes the numerous health benefits that come with CBD, we offer the following CBD products for the benefit of our customers:

  • Sublingual Drops (400 mg, 500 mg, 725 mg, 1,600 mg, and 5,000 mg)

Sublingual drops treat inflammation and they can improve a person’s mood, sleep, and digestive motility.

  • Pain Cream (250 mg and 500 mg)

This cream can soothe joint, muscle, and nerve pain.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist today if CBD is right for you. For more details about our CBD products, please call us at 772-562-3660.